About This Website

Why Did You Start This Site?

We love 9 ball so much, we made nineball.bet!

As avid pool enthusiasts, we were frequently betting amongst ourselves on each main event. A couple of us started predicting winners and it grew from there into an idea of sharing our passion for 9 ball and betting with the wider world.

Who Are You?

An independent group of guys that really, really love 9 ball. But also, 8 ball, 10 ball, Snooker and a few of us even also love English 8 Ball and Chinese 8 Ball. We have it pretty bad, if we are honest with ourselves!!

So What Is This Site About?

We noticed there aren't really any websites dedicated to betting on 9 ball, so we decided to build it. We also plan on two other sites for 8 Ball and Snooker.

The main goal of the site is to make it easy to find a trusted bookmaker that will be legal where you are based and offer a great service with excellent support and reputation for offering good odds and making betting with them easy.

Betting on 9 ball always involves some luck, just as the game of nineball does itself. That said, if you follow the top players and the sport, you'll quickly see that there are a very small group of elite players that can get the job done under the amplified pressures of the later rounds of any tournament.

So while it's true that there are around 35 or more players that could win the event, really the pool is limited to those in touch and that can handle the intense pressure in semi finals and finals.

Pool isn't easy, especially 9 ball

It takes a special type of player to keep coming back and put the intense practice required into the game and winning. This is complimentary to the above point about players being in form. It's just not that easy and that's why nobody consistently dominates the sport over time. The closest anyone has come in the modern era is FSR.

Enjoy Your Betting Responsibly

From the team here at nineball.bet, we hope you enjoy your betting and do so responsibly. Bet with your head, not over it. If you do find yourself developing bad habits, please seek professional help and have yourself excluded from betting operators. Don't bet more than you can afford to lose and be realistic, it's meant to be fun. So if it's no longer fun, please seek help!